We’re Fellow Developers.

Fellow Developers is the best IT solutions company in Lucknow – India, our services include –
– web development, software development and SEO services, simply making IT easy for you.

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What our clients say about us

Fellow Developers you are the best IT solutions company in Lucknow, India. Really you are my fellows. Thanks for giving me more than my expectations.


Fellow Developers are the best IT solutions company in Lucknow. I am really happy with your work and dedication. Everything that I was offered is simply awesome. Thank you guys for everything!


I can say that Fellow Developers are expert in all the IT services like – web development, SEO, software development and creative solutions. Really they make the best IT solutions company in Lucknow.

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Here is a list of things we can do for you

Web Design

We offer you innovative web design for your websites, our priority is to make user-friendly and easy to understand websites.

Web Development

We are experts in web development, we create the most creative and innovative websites for your business or profile.

SEO Consulting

SEO is a must thing for your online identity. We also work for the ranking of your websites and profiles.


As it’s the era of internet, we also work on E-commerce, we make the best platforms for your trading company.

Social Media

Branding is a must thing for a good reputation. Fellow developers also work on social media for making your identity more visible.

Creative Solutions

We provide best creative solutions including – logo design, motion graphics, video editing, templates, brochure, photography etc.

Mobile Application Development

Our team is well known for mobile application development. With a hardworking team we will be giving more apps shortly.

Software Development

Our firm also works on software development, programming, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications.

Hardware & Networking

We work for your computer hardware & networking. We provide you a quality service to fix problems and link up your computers.

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